Chinese Introduce Drone Exportation Regulation

T H I N K Sam

Perhaps a consideration and a point to come back to this week is how do Asian countries and cultures express the word ‘drone’ or ‘quadcopter’. The idea of something in aerospace could have negative connotations in terms of surveillance and control. The Chinese media is heavily mediated and with my own experiences in previous subjects, I’ve learnt how social media platforms have been completely outlawed and replaced by another from the government.

This led me into thinking about Asian anxieties and perhaps the link between technological advancement with drones. Currently I’ve been using a Parrot A.R drone to record footage of agricultural landscapes and using its surveillance potential to the benefit of farmers. This is done with little human activity around and next to no obstacles to be of concern. In these conditions the use of aerospace isn’t fearful to citizens, however I believe in a place such as China…

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