Live Reaction/Review: Stardom 5 Star GP Night One – Part 2

Brendan Vs The World

11878955_901401863267790_7688035897506753220_o-1 Chelsea and Kairi Hojo trade dropkicks (Source: Stardom Joshi Puroresu)

Continuing my review of the first night of the Stardom 5 Star GP. If you missed the first part you can find it here. As I noted at the end of that review I enjoyed what I saw but nothing blew me away. So lets see what the final 3 matches have in store.

Starfire Vs. KAORU

KAORU is another veteran of the Japanese women’s scene. She’s been around for 20-25 years. Starfire is a younger wrestler from Mexico that wears a Lucha mask which is always cool to see. The match started out with a lot of shady moves from KAORU. She did everything from choking Starfire with the robe she wore to the ring to pulling her hair. This led to Starfire and her friends doing a few shady things of their own. Kris Wolf who wrestled earlier was at ringside supporting…

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