Furry Chinese Fashion Trade (Autoehnography research: Animal Welfare in Asia)

Amy Joyce


In my previous post I touched on the idea raised in the Cove of Dolphins being denoted as pests of the sea by Japanese authorities. This led me to think what other species are classed as pests in Asian cultures this lead me to discovering the Chinese fur trade.

The Chinese fur trade is a hard plight to research due to the graphic images of senseless killings. China skin raccoon dogs, dogs and cats for their fur trade. These animals are mostly not killed humanely and are often skinned alive. My research indicated that some of these animals will be alive for 5-10minutes after they have been skinned (PETA 2015), why aren’t they killed first? Often to protect their fur.

China has a large contingent of street animals and often these street animals find themselves within the fur trade, with some cats and dogs still wearing collars. Around two million…

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