The Responsible ‘Pilot’

T H I N K Sam

Last week I purchased a Parrot A.R Drone 2.0 to fly and video various elements of agriculture and examine the way it can improve productivity and investigate the all-round usefulness of the technology for farmers. This prompted speculation and curiosity into Drone, quadcopter, RPA (remotely piloted aircraft) or UAVs (Un-manned aerial vehicles) policy and regulation in the Asian Pacific region, and develop an expertise to conduct a project that aims to advocate responsible drone flying using countries in Asia as examples. I got my own basic pamphlet within the box detailing the rules here in Australia to which I’d like to contrast with that in Asian countries and then explore why this could be the case.  Current Australian Regulation according to UAV international looks like this:

General Australian Drone Laws:

  • You may NOT fly your drone closer than 30 meters to vehicles, boats or buildings that are on private property…

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