Harajuku Fashion Culture: My AutoEthnographic Experience


I have always been infatuated with fashion and the industry in general – however, my interest has only really led me as far as what’s trending on the Western fashion circuit. Currently studying a subject surrounding the notion of ‘Digital Asia’, I decided to investigate the fashion culture of Harajuku in Tokyo, Japan. Up until this point, my only real knowledge/experience of Harajuku fashion culture has been extremely appropriated – Gwen Steffani, Ima looking at you.  I knew that crazy outfits, clashing patterns and attaching children’s toys were the norm, but I had never looked into the culture surrounding these over-the-top dress choices.

After a few ‘Harajuku Fashion’ searches in Google, one thing kept popping up. The annual Harajuku Fashion Walk. I thought…. what better way to start looking into Harajuku Fashion, than an annual event that celebrates its very essence. I began my autoethnographic experience by watching the above…

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