Middleware – Characters #2

Unicorn Dispatches

After yesterday’s showing, here are the last two starter characters for Middleware. Now, I plan on making it so characters are expandable, and therefore, these characters don’t represent all the game will potentially have. But these are a starting place and I can use them to inform and elaborate on mechanics.

The Shut-In

char splash (1)

The air outside’s not clean. The feeling of a crowd around me makes my chest tighten. I can’t breathe out there. I can’t fit in those places they tell me to be in. The only time I can function is when I can shut the door and breathe. I can take care of myself,as long as you don’t try to make me take care of myself like I’m just like you.

Who Are They? The Shut-in is an example of a Hikikomoricharacter, influenced by examples of western society’s socially-anxious remote-working liquid labour force…

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