Middleware – Characters #1

Unicorn Dispatches

If you’ve been paying close attention you might notice that these blogs can be read in sequenceshowing the development of Middleware but that I also try to tie them to that day’s lecture. Today, no lecture. Technically, no need to do any work at all today, because I can be laaazy. But no!

Today we’re talking about characters. Tomorrow we’re going to talk a bit more, and the divide is going to be between the two characters who interest me most in terms of the values they reflect and tomorrow, we’ll deal with the most J-style.

Names are as always, stand-ins.

The Cop

char splash (1)

It started as a security force coalition. Corporate interests and police activities. Then it became invested, corporations spending money on financing her augmentations. Then came the blackout codes. The restrictions on her movements. She’d been built with the power of a tank to hunt someone

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