Do You Know Hatsune Miku?

Unicorn Dispatches

Hey, check out this Dominos pizza promotion.

I’ll just give you a moment to adjust.

Okay, some things real quick. First things first, if this guy’s English language sounds a bit arch, that’s partly because he’s stating things so they can be optimally and easily translated into Japanese. It’s going to seem a bit odd to native speakers, but that’s a function of – well, of trying to make his language compatible with Japanese. Think of it as a Japanese script, translated into English. And that translation is more important than you think, because the Vocaloid phenomenon, from whence we get Hatsune Miku is a byproduct of Japanese’s language as a structure.

Without going into super detailed linguistics to explain these terms, Japanese is a fixed pronunciation syllabary. That is to say, Japanese words* are composed of syllables** rather than letters***, and those syllables always**** are pronounced the same…

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