Magical Girl in the Shell

Classy and Classes.

Experiencing a text in an academic setting is always different.

I’ve seen Ghost in the Shell before- what self respecting purveyor of all things geeky hasn’t? But never really stopped to consider it as a text to be pulled apart. It was something to passively consume. So, when it was announced as our text for the afternoon I pulled up a lounge chair, busted out the pocky and made myself comfortable for a familiar experience.

I would not receive one.

There’s something about a classroom setting, about other minds pulling apart something to draw out a deeper meaning that you can’t help but be drawn into. Even though I’d resigned myself to the same old story I couldn’t help but see it differently. And I was rewarded. The notion of othering was turned on its head- in this technologically advanced world, those with organic parts are seen as the oddities…

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