Rope weaving across Asia

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Despite the exploration of the red string of fate, I was still drawn back to the materiality of the rope. To me, the materiality of the rope re-creates the use of it into something more. It is no longer just an exhibition about those whose personal experiences she does not understand, but a new story which has been infused with her time.  I chose to look for images of people from around Asia weaving rope in order to understand the process further.

Jute Rhapsody
Raw Jute (before rope) – Bangladesh

Woman making jute rope 1988 v2Weaving the rope – Bangladesh

Jahanara combs the tangles in the jute fibre, preparing to twist it into rope. Credit: Manipadma Jena/IPS
Combing the tangles from the jute fibres before weaving into rope – India

Tying the rope fibres to a hook before weaving begins – India

Loading woven rope on carts to be distributed – India

Call me the rope man
Sitting next to the days work – Sri Lanka

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