Gojira: The Summary


godzilla-cartoon-wallpapers-backgrounds-for-powerpoint-631287330This revitalising examination into a genre unique to its own culture has allowed me to identify the distance I couldn’t place between Gojira and Japan. I’ve identified the my original thoughts and assumptions of Gojira and closed that unknown distance I couldn’t identify. Looking at Dai Kaiju Eiga has allowed Japan to take their rightful ownership on Gojira, and embody it in their culture. It was easy to watch Gojira and remember the moments in my life where I recognised Gojira, from American films and TV series, where Gojira had a contextual segment. However the engagement of Gojira in a greater cultural context and recognising the inapt distance between Gojira and Japan has allowed me redefine my auto ethnographic experience.

All I know of my life is what is derived from the social context of which my identity is a part of and has been developed. And what I knew of…

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