Ghost in the Shell | Research & Analysis | An Autoethnographic Study

Christiarne | UOW

In my previous discussion of Ghost in the Shell and my initial experiences when viewing the film, I noted one of the viewing experiences that stuck with me was my reaction to the representation of women, specifically the main character Major Motoko Kusanagi. I said that I felt very conflicted. I liked that the female character was the protagonist of the story, and was depicted as strong and independent, however I was confused by the necessity of nudity for only the female characters. I felt as though the strong female protagonist was being undermined every time she was appeared nude. Is this a convention of anime I’m not aware of? Was it representing a key aspect of the storyline I simply missed? The more I think about it, various arguments come to mind that could argue the nudity is actually a feminist statement about expressing human sexuality, but that wasn’t…

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