What does it mean to be Human? Further Ghost in the Shell Analysis

T H I N K Sam

Ghost in the Shell, 1995

Perhaps it’s the fear of the unknown or simply an unanswerable question, but it’s one that seems to bug philosophers and those chasing existential views of, “what is it to be human”. The Ghost in the Shell anime movie introduces a world post World War III set in Japan where humans are inextricably linked to the machine world, and have become a society, accepting them and referring to them as equal. The futuristic world of the film, incorporates the cyborg in a female depicted character Major Motoko Kusanagi, thus “Throughout its 80-minute runtime, Kusanagi finds herself — or perhaps, itself — facing a somewhat existential identity crisis, one that is inevitable in a world where it is possible to manipulate an organism’s memories, to rewrite their personal history.” (Japan Subculture, 2011)

The film explores mechanical and cyborg enhancements on humans with full artificial…

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