The Evolution of Godzilla

The vision of kakkal

This aquatic creature has been surfacing countless times throughout many generations and has made the journey across the ocean to America recently in the 2014 Godzilla film, after taking its last hiatus in Japan (2004).

When thinking back at the original (or first) Godzilla movie and comparing it to those that have followed it, it had been made clear to me that there was no real change in the films when it came to the development of Godzilla. Other then its current iteration of the creature (Godzilla 2014).

In my experience with Godzilla as a child, he was always a strong monster capable of defeating any threat that it had come across, making it an idol of worship for my brothers and I. When ever it appeared on screen everything else dissolved into the background, only making room for him in our minds. However after watching and reviewing the original and reminiscing of the 1998 American version of…

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