My Autoethnographic Cherry Has Been Popped, I Wasn’t To Comfortable With It Either

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Continuing from last week on the hibakusha. It must be so hard for these poor victims to be thrust under this blanket term and discriminated against, to be feared, with people avoiding you at all costs. All of this not just because of a social stigma but Japanese cinema blockbusters contributing to the ridicule.

According to the Atomic Bomb Survivors Relief Law, there are certain recognised categories of hibakusha: people exposed directly to the bomb and its immediate aftermath; people exposed within a 2 kilometer radius who entered the sphere of destruction within two weeks of the explosion; people exposed to radioactive fallout generally; and those exposed in utero, whose mothers were pregnant and contaminated in any of these defined categories (Hibakusha stories). These varying levels of exposure reveal a deeper and more complicated story. An uneducated public who conform to unrealistic realities such as contagious diseases stemming from radiation…

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