Gojira: Take Two


My first blog after watching Gojira focused on parts of the movie that I understood, there was history, there was culture and I tried my best to acknowledged that Gojira is more than a black/white film with bad subtitles and a man in a rubber suit.

But there was something about Gojira that I couldn’t quite label as Japanese. Yes everyone is Japanese, and the whole movie is in Japanese but what is it about Gojira that makes him Japanese? But I think the reason I can’t classify the Japanese in the Gojira, is because Gojira is as much (or even more) American as he is Japanese. I remember him being depicted in the Rugrats movie as Reptar, and in one of The Simpsons episodes adapted into the towns fast-food mascot that ruins the town. Gojira is engrained in my mind as part of Western culture, and not of Japanese…

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