Godzilla Beyond The Silver Screen

The vision of kakkal

When considering the fact that Godzilla has been around in the publics eye for 61 years. It makes plenty of sense that it would have been recreated in other means and fashions then just films. The varies forms that I have found Godzilla are; comics, animated TV series,”toys, clothing, books, games, records, posters and various other types of merchandise“.

Out of these variants of Godzilla I feel that the TV series was an excellent expansion on the 1998 Godzilla movie, that was unsuccessful in getting a second film. But what gave the American franchise a chance to further reach the customer base that enjoyed the film, which also built on the transmedia effect of the brand. Whilst helping with the possible sales of the merchandise that had been released after the 1998 film.

Though even with the good publicity that the over all Godzilla brand in America was receiving at…

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