Another Gojira post

G’day viewers, (sorry again for the opening) if you don’t know that one go educate yourself on Paul hogan. Today’s post continues in the topic we have been exploring on Godzilla (or Gojira) so we’ve already focused on some of the themes present throughout the film, but this week I thought I would touch on the Asian film industry and what effects Hollywood has on its market here in the west.

Firstly I would like to apologise for the start of my post, but I like to start each one fresh with a new greeting and hopefully educate some people out there on older pop culture. Secondly, I would just like to make it known to all you fine folks out there on how many Godzilla movies have been released over the years. Keep in mind that this list is only remakes of the original and there is a heap more sequels and prequels, ok here we go don’t hold your breath while reading this you may pass out; Gojirra (1954), Godzilla (1985), Godzilla (1998), Godzilla (2000), Godzilla (2003), Godzilla (2004) and finally Godzilla (2014). Ok let me just point out that this trend is increasing look at how many have been released in such a short time since 1998, if this trend keeps up we will soon be run by Godzilla movies. They should make a film about that! The number of these films that have been released simply astounded me! I mean surely you would think the idea would get stale after a bit? But obviously not. This got me thinking, if Hollywood has adapted this movie so many times what else have they stolen…oh sorry I mean adapted from the Asian film market? So me been very found of lists have prepared one more of films that have been adapted or the plots taken and inserted into western movies, prepare yourself some of your favourites may be here; the departed is an adaption of infernal affairs (Hong Kong), the magnificent seven is an adaption of seven samurai (Japan), and what really amazed was the classic western from client Eastwood fistful of dollars is an adaption of the 1961 Japanese movie Yojimbo. Fancy that a cowboy movie, made by Italians, off a Japanese movie script it’s almost enough to boggle the mind. The only reason I see for doing this but is to either assimilate the eastern movies to ur audiences by changing the plot slightly and injecting actors who we are familiar with to create bigger box office appeal with western audiences, either this or Hollywood is simply out of any new big ideas and so looks to Asian markets for help. I find this to be a little wrong in a way though, why is it that Hollywood has a corner in the film market here in the west? Surely the Asian film markets should be allowed the same opportunity in selling their films over here? I mean Bollywood is one of the fastest growing film industries in the world with millions of viewers around the world yet you are hard pressed to see any Bollywood films in any theatres here in Australia.

Ok that’s enough of me ranting for one week, I hope you enjoyed the post today and perhaps learnt a thing or too about some films. If nothing at all you may now be familiar with Paul hogan which you can thank me for later.

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