Godzilla: A second look.

Why not Zoidblog?

So our newest exercise in DIGC 330 was to reflect back on our previous post. How we thought it was in relation to autoethnography and digital culture.

  1. what is the primary narrative of your account and how might it be expanded?

The primary narrative was about my experience watching Godzilla for the first time but it was the idea of autoethnography that was the primary objective behind the post. In introducing the blog post I should have included a definition or a summary of what autoethnography is, and even why this was an import aspect of the class and blogging process.

An area that can be expanded on is on the point of cinematography I touched on and the links between the reveal of the ‘monster’ in both ‘Godzilla’ and ‘Jaws’. The similarities between these movies was a continuous narrative running through my head as I watched Godzilla.


2.Identify the…

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