Looking at ‘My First Encounter with Gojira (1954)’



After looking at my initial reflections of Gojira, I did the typical Commerce student thing. I wrote a really long blog post, in essay style, attempting to deconstruct every little thing I deemed ‘foreign’. Boring. I made the typical connections with the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (like every student did).  I took to looking at the film in a, ‘I’m in a year 12 English class and I am going to deconstruct every camera angle’.

After looking further into what auto-ethnography actually is, and the way that it is written (Relax, Teagan, Relax!), I feel that I am looking at this post from a slightly more ‘I think I know what I’m doing… but I could be wrong’ angle.

So what was my initial blog post primarily about?

After stepping back and chatting with Chris and the DIGC330 class, the primary narrative of my initial auto-ethnographic response to the film…

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