My First Encounter of ‘Gojira’

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Autoethnography is a new term to me and one that I feel I haven’t been properly exposed to throughout my degree. It is a way to reflect on an experience connecting meanings and understandings of the findings. This will be especially recurrent within my reflection of Digital Asia throughout the semester (I think I’m going to learn a lot in this subject as Asian culture isn’t my strong point).

Until watching this movie in class, I was quite unaware to the origins of Godzilla. It has become a well known name that I bet most kids and adults these days could tell you about. But it’s the history and culture behind the big monster that really tells the history of a country left with the repercussions of war. ‘Gojira’ metaphorically speaks of the aftermath of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombings that saw Japan suffer as many civilians died or…

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