Looking at Gojira just a little bit closer…

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When I first wrote about my experience watching ‘Gojira’, I immediately thought to write about the context and history behind the angry ways of the monster. And of course, the animations (but who didn’t mention that). But when we have to look further than an experience and really delve into the brunt of things, I think I really learnt a lot. When reading my first post, I jumped straight into the history behind the story about the nuclear bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Looking back, I just went straight into analysing because approaching it from an auto-ethnographical direction was new to me and I think it might take some practice. It’s been drilled into me throughout my degree to critically analyse, analyse, analyse!

I don’t think I have watched many Japanese films, which really got me thinking about the Japanese film industry. If this film had so much context and…

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