Connecting Silent Memories through the Red String of Fate

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Upon viewing the exhibition Wearing Memories, I have been asked to research and reflect, drawing from my original thoughts and assumptions in order to further my knowledge.

Haji Oh is from Japan, third-generation ‘Zainichi Korean’.  That is to say, that although her home is Japan, her family history is elsewhere, specifically tracing back to Korea under Japanese rule. (UOW TAEM, 2015).  Does her Korean heritage draw forth these ideas of silent memories? Memories which she creates in order to feel a sense of belonging?  I myself feel a sense of belonging to those whom I am related to whether I have known them personally or not.  When I entered high school, I discovered that one of the guys in my own class was related to me, and although we did not mingle, I felt a sense of connection, and belonging to him regardless.

Her websites statement of this particular…

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