Yarn, yarn, spilling at the seems, from the roof, interconnected, woven, unravelling or so it would seem. Starting at the ceiling and ending on the floor, each separate, but part of the whole, together, parting. Just how they work together, this I do not yet know. Dresses, dresses hanging in pairs and alone, I count one, three, five. Coloured with pastel shades of red, pink and blue, the dresses crafted for young Mademoiselles.

With floral patterns scattered across the transparent opaque fabric, stained with dye, each stitch empowering the feminine figure. The dresses captured in photography, hanging, swigging still in the frame that holds them imprisoned. One-dimensional but full of life, the dresses dance in the breeze. Chaos, order, gravity, these are key themes at play here running through each element.

To unravel memories and re-wave them, this is Oh’s goal; my own memories of family get togethers at the…

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