Looking At Looking At Gojira

Unicorn Dispatches

Okay let’s pull this stuff apart, shall we?

When I wrote my first piece about Gojira, I treated it the way I treated every experience I have of looking at media. I sat there and tried to focus on what I could talk about. I thought about anchoring details, about ways to put that piece of media in a meaningful context. It seemed to me, natural, to look at Japanese history (World War 2) and the media history that followed Gojira to consider ideas emergent in one shifted through the years.

Thing is, I went straight to Japanese media that had things in common with Gojira (which is, really, almost all of them). I didn’t try to contextualise this media in light of my own experience, and provide some big glaring east-vs-west dynamic the way that autoethnography is usually useful for uncovering. Referencing Japanese media, in a language I…

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