Godzilla – A Post-Nuclear Japan

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I think it’s worth mentioning that I have an Asian background. I was raised in Malaysia until we migrated here when I was 10 and as such, I felt a fitting moral duty to take up a class on the ethnographic study of Digital Asia. So now that I’ve needlessly introduced myself, let’s get stuck into our first weekly topic of discussion.

Godzilla (1954): Daisuke and Emiko

We kicked things off rather smoothly with a screening of the 1954 Japanese original ‘Godzilla’. while It may seem unorthodox to start a semester with a movie, I felt it really set the tone for digital asian culture, especially with such an iconic film.

Now watching a foreign film often requires you to pay attention to detail, as you’re reading the subtitles you’re also translating their body language and tone of emotion. As I was watching the film, what stood out to me was their foreign culture. Japanese ethics such…

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