Jyotsna’s First Encounter With Anime

Jyotsna Singh


Today I experienced my first viewing of an Anime film (Ghost in the Shell) in my Digital Asia class…and let’s just say my engagement with the film was difficult as the conventions (other than knowing that characters have big eyes) of this genre are foreign to me. While i’ve never properly experienced an Anime text as I did today, I’ve always known that I’ve never been a big fan of this genre. But perhaps that stems from the fact that I’ve never really like cartoons. Nevertheless, —to my surprise— I found a few aspects of Ghost in the Shell quite intriguing and engaging.

The foreign conventions of Anime made it quite difficult for me to initially engage with the storyline of the film. For example, the fast-paced dynamic shots and the constant cutting from scene to scene and shot to shot made it quite difficult for me to understand what…

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