Godzilla Reflection

The vision of kakkal

These are the thoughts that I had while watching the Godzilla film released in 1954:

  • The writing style used in Japan is different, in both the direction you are suppose to write/read and the characteristics that are use (Kanji). Which was displayed in the opening credits of the film.
  • The people on the mainland seemed to be more westernised then those on the islands, which I am basing on the clothing that they had worn.
  • The H-bomb tests in japan, was the supposed reason that Godzilla surfaced from his undersea cave, linking the film to events that japan was facing at the time (historical).
  • Godzilla survived and was made stronger by the H-bomb.
  • Godzilla was like an eminent threat looming over japan after the H-bomb, which they have to be prepared for.
  • The scenes between the couple; Ogata and Emiko (two of the protagonists) was very formal making it had to…

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