Godzilla a New, Surprisingly Enjoyable Experience

Media, Marketing and Sport

So first up, I want to establish with everyone that this was my first ever experience with Japanese cinema. And to say I was pessimistic was an understatement, but I did go in with an open mind, and honestly I thought it was really entertaining.

Straight out, and I’m not sure if this is due to the age of the film or the difference between western and eastern cinema. The actions of the actors were very theatrical, almost like a power-rangers episode. They’re movement were very over emphasised and dramatised it’s far from what I’m used to and quiet comedic honestly. But I freaking loved power rangers as a kid so seeing this brought back some of that nostalgia feels, and seeing some of the inspiration taken (either from Godzilla or Japanese cinema) just kick started my interest.

My experience in Asian cinema is almost nonexistent so watching Godzilla was…

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