I’ll probably never get it, even after the 100th time

I got really excited in class when we had the opportunity to watch Ghost in the Shell. In fact the first thing I did was Snap Chat my sister with a comment “jealous?” on the image. It seemed as though most people had a familiarity with the film, which made the discussion quite interesting. I had only watched this movie a few times before in Japanese, with English subtitles. I do enjoy watching anime, however from experience I can say that this one is not particularly a favourite due to its complex storyline. However, when it comes to the female lead and her “kick-ass” sense of style it is definitely up there in my top 10.

I have a personal interest in short hairstyles from science fiction movies. The character Major Matoko Kusanagi in this film is actually one of the hairstyles I printed off for the hairdresser along with

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