Unicorn Dispatches

It starts, stark black, white text. A slightly primal shape to the characters, hard lines and stonelike edges.A text crawl creep up, unreadable. You have to peer down at the bottom of the screen to understand it, the characters sliding off high, explaining the context, the background. And then, a shot of the ocean. A story about coastguards, about missing boats, about frantic and terrified family members spirals around these special effects. And you wait, and you wait, and you wait –

because you know what’s coming.



Godzilla’s an amazing movie. It’s intense and edgy in a way that these days those words completely fail to hit. Cinema nerds study it. Videogame nerds study it. Dinosaur nerds study it. General Japanophiles study it. Every piece of media out of Japan in my lifetime has been made by people where Gojira was part of their media…

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