Wearing Memory – Haji Oh

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Todays class was about experience and reflection, either of the original Godzilla movie or Haji Oh’s exhibition.  I chose the latter, and have recorded my thoughts through audio via. soundcloud.  I have also included a transcript of what is said for those who prefer to read, accompanied by pictures throughout.  Even if you don’t read the transcript, the images may help enhance some of the descriptions.

Audio Transcript:
Enter a room with cascades of yarn spilling from the ceiling.  Artfully arranged around the room, some falling to the floor and breaking apart as it seeps across the room, while others knot together, intertwining the paths before falling into line across the floor in unison.
Around the room images of dresses for young girls hang.  One, Three, Five, Six.  Pastel shades of blue, pink, and red, stain the cloth with patterns following a floral theme stitched to the opaque white fabric.  They hang…

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