DIGC330 – humble beginnings

Well here we are again, another brand new exciting session of uni here at the university of Wollongong, and this sessions blogging subject is Digc330 (digital Asia). Those of you that have been following my blog may notice a change in my writing style over the next couple of posts, I always strive to add a personal touch to my posts here on the gravity of things however in this class we will be endeavouring to explore the auto ethnography style of writing. This style of writing leads the author on a more personal experience of what they are writing about and hopefully draw me closer to you good folk out there on the net.

So this week in digc330 we are taking a look at the classic film ‘Gojira’. Yes I am aware that I typed it Gojira and not Godzilla, see Gojira is the original movie classic made in Japan in 1954, where’s the Godzilla we all know and love was a modern adaption for western audiences. I know this shocked me as well I had grown up thinking that this was a western invention, boy was I wrong. Now I’m not going to pretend for one second that I am heavily involved with or even heavily exposed to Asian culture like this, I’ve never seen anime (I know shocking) and I’ve never really listened to k-pop (except for that one song we all know that I dare not mention the name of). This is one of the main reasons why I have chosen to take part in this class, to deepen my understanding of this culture and to engage with its varied media forms. Any who back to Gojira, the effects may be a bit cornier, and it may be really obvious that it’s a man stepping on a tiny model city but this film is really indicative of a post war, and post nuclear Japan. Think of it is way, only 9 years earlier the United States had dropped two atomic bombs on Negasaki and Hiroshima. There were still people feeling the effects of radiation poisoning in Japan, and this memory was still engrained into every one in the nation. So when a movie about a giant monster been created through radiation is made in a country that was the target of such things less than a decade earlier it is impossible to ignore the significance of such an incident when looking at this film. At least this is how i made sense of the film whilst viewing it, it’s a thought that never really leaves your mind while you’re watching it.

Ok guys that’s it for me this week, I hope you enjoyed the first ever post for digc330 be sure to pop back ’round next week for some more updates.

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