LoL vs DotA: To defeat your enemy you must understand your enemy… or something like that…

I don’t know if I mentioned this before but during my high school years I dabbled in the game DotA. I was never any good or really knew what was going on, but the boys I went to school with used to go to the internet café across the road from the train station and local shopping center after school to verse each other in the game. Some of my girlfriends and I would join them to watch and sometimes participate. I distinctly remember being a chicken with a backpack and running around the screen – this is about all I remember to be completely honest. When years later and I discovered my brother and his friends playing what appeared to be some kind of Warcraft game I automatically assumed they were playing DotA, to which my brother corrected me and sounding almost offended by my stupidity informed me that it was in fact LoL.

This baffled me, as both the games are the same right? THEY LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME! Well no, they are actually not the same and this is an extremely touchy subject for lots of different people involved in the online gaming world, so do yourself a favour and don’t ever suggest it is the same thing!

As part of my research concerning LoL I wanted to explore this idea of the competing games differences and similarities and how they co-exist with one another. To do this I took to YouTube and found an interesting video almost like a DotA vs LoL for dummies. I have included the video below:

This video essentially depicts the history of both DotA and LoL and compares the two games. This video helped my gain an understanding into how the games are perceived from an insider point of view. In the video the narrator introduces you to significant game creators and this presents a link between the two games. DotA and LoL both gained mainstream popularity with help from a video game creator by the name of Guinsoo. Guinsoo helped to shape DotA and turn it into a more approachable game through introducing player to player options, adding variety and different monsters to the map. Guinsoo then passed the game onto a creator by the name of Ice Frog (their names are so good, it’s hilarious) and Ice Frog helped to build DotA’s popularity through increasing it’s player base. DotA however was still a ‘mod’ of Warcraft and as a result of this it relied on Warcraft engines to run, limiting it’s functioning and making it hard to control.

Guinsoo saw this as an opportunity to introduce a new game to the marketplace – LoL. Along with Pen Dragon (another fantastic name) Riot Games was formed and essentially LoL was created using DotA as inspiration, however adapting the game through introducing new artstyles, champions and items. LoL used simplified mechanics and got rid of difficulties users had found with DotA. This gave LoL a competitive advantage and explains why the game is so much more successful and groses the most amount of profit internationally. LoL is free to play and easier for players to learn therefore it is extremely accessible, especially for first time players.

The video goes on further to say that DotA fans refer to LoL as a “casual game” due to this modifications.

Through browsing the comments on the video I found a comment that had received a large number of likes, this comment was from a YouTube user named, Mr Leemurman and it stated: “LOL= Toxic Newbs, DOTA= Elitist Jerkwads, Pick your poison.” This made me laugh, as it explains the way in which the two games are marketed against one another within the gaming community.

Through watching this video I have gained a much broader understanding of the origins of LoL and how it is compared to other games within it’s genre.




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