The good and the bad

So this is the week that we wrap up the blogging! Let me indulge in a little bit of reflection for a bit!
I have found this journey to be quite interesting; I think I have had ups and downs in regards to my blogging as well as my digital artefact.

After exploring the fandoms a couple of times over I figured it was time to get down and dirty with the formatting of my blog because I wasn’t really happy with the way it looked. After playing around with WordPress for what felt like forever, I’m much happier with how it looks! I’m also happy to announce I have some traffic! TWO whole views (That weren’t myself, before you ask) on one blog post, in one day! I have fortunately started using tags and have noticed a little more traffic heading to certain popular YouTubers posts.

I have learnt a lot about how critical I am when it comes to the YouTube videos I watch. When beginning this process I went crazy and subscribed to everyone that I thought would be interesting, useful and helpful to this assignment. Alongside my regular viewing I was subscribed to 200+ channels. Considering all of these are active enough to be releasing one video a week, with videos from two minutes to twenty minutes, I had my work cut out for me. Only last week I decided to cull that list down to 97 (that feels MUCH better). I have even kept a lot of the channels that I have discovered through doing my digital artefact. But to be real with you, I got rid of the ones that simply didn’t interest me. Mainly the gaming reviews and let’s play channels.

I continue to work on my digital artefact and build the content on there. I have been posting once a week but think I should start posting a little more often to try and up my content amount! I have definitely identified my weak point which is being consistent with my content! I have NO trouble watching the videos but writing about them seems to be a whole other ball game. I can also say that I have enjoyed the topic I picked, if at times it was challenging. Although it has been hard to try and find channels that have a enough content to comment on as well as being in English, this has definitely limited my research and posting.


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