The Final Boss

I’ve loved this subject. It’s done everything to me that I think could happen, even when I didn’t want it to, it changed my perceptions and preferences. Personal exposition aside, I’ve been able to use this subject to build a set of obscure definitions that only make sense in my head for how I, metrically, determine if a text is a JRPG. And in the pursuit of these definitions, I’ve been forced to go back and look at what I knew about media produced outside of Asia. Not only as a contrast, but to find the things that exist outside any sort of geographical or racial barrier.

Never before have I felt the need to be so critical when looking at texts. Sure I basically got an excuse to sit and play games for hours on end, but after every session I’d have to sit down for a good half an hour and actually think about what I’d been playing and what it could teach me that I wanted to know. I remember sitting in a train carriage playing a visual novel for the fifth time to see the types of exposition it used in different arcs, when I realised what is actually meant that I was skipping as quickly as I could through the screens of initial exposition. I wan interacting with the characteristics drawn from the JRPG influences on the writers. It was a simply wonderful experience to truly examine what was really going on while I played.

So thanks Chris, had the time of my life. Might see you next year.

And you know, the Final Boss in a JRPG is never the strongest enemy. It’s never even close.

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