My own little soapbox

So all this information that I’ve been working on is great and all but how will I show it off?  See there are a couple of different ways I could do it.  As you might have noticed, a few of the other contributors on this site are working on digital artifacts (something online) that are relevant to their topic.

I thought about doing that but I wasn’t sure what the hell I was going to use.  I could make a blog about my experiences, but that’s what this is, isn’t it?  I don’t really want to have to write everything twice and nobody wants to read it twice (least of all my uni professors who will mark my work).

I could have done a twitter feed about my experiences but that’s not really my style.  And part of my research would have been conducted rudely if I was going to talk to someone and keep tweeting the experience.

Maybe a YouTube video or videos but that involves having a decent camera which I definitely do not.  I don’t even have a microphone to record interviews and my phone was not going to cut it.

In the end there were plenty of options but all involved things that either I didn’t have or wasn’t comfortable doing.  At all.  So what’s left?

I guess there’s nothing to it but to write a decent essay on the topic using actual research and my own research.  But that leaves you guys, who may have been interested in this, a little out of the loop.  Not to worry!  I’m decent at writing, not great as you can clearly see but decent, and I plan to upload it once the all clear has happened.  I probably won’t put it here but over on my personal blog so that it’s less empty and to let those people know I haven’t died yet.


  1. Perhaps you could even film a wrap up vlog where you can discuss briefly each topic, what you found out, and how you felt about it?

    Although it looks as if you’ve got some solid research and interesting topics to discuss so a research essay should be good. Good luck!


  2. I seem to be experiencing a similar concern to you. How will this research look in the final form. There is so much about this autoethnographic research stuff which seems to not quite hit the mark with the usual types of research we have had to do. I think we are all outside our comfort zone so just push on and present your research and your thoughts and be confident.


  3. I think that it would serve you very well to do a research essay where you examine what you have discovered about hentai as it is a complex topic that doesn’t see much light of day in the academic arena outside the various moral panics that occur every now and then. What I am interested to know, especially in contrast the the first year subject that studies it, is how hentai compares in a feminist sense to mainstream pornography.

    It doesn’t seem like you’ve found this, but the differences between porn in Japan especially to porn in the rest of the world is the amount of censorship that goes on in the distribution of the content outside the original release. I haven’t looked at the phenomenon since I studied it in second year, but it seems like it could have been a potential line of inquiry.


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