Get It Beauty

Get It Beauty is a Korean television show that teaches Korean women about current trends,  how to achieve various looks and how to use beauty products. I decided to watch this show because there is an abundance of Get It Beauty episodes on YouTube that have English subs. While the subs are not the best and there are moments when they subs don’t change for a while even though the hosts are talking, thus although they do reduce language barriers in my research there are still problems with it.

Before even watching an episode I was sort of surprised to find out that South Korea has entire shows dedicated to make up, beauty trends and the beauty industry. This reinforces the idea that South Korea has a much more involved beauty culture.


Each episode is a different theme or topic, the particular episode that I watched is about the colours orange and pink. I know… not exactly what I’d personally find that stimulating, but it is still impressive to see them flesh out an entire episode about two colours and only talk about it in regards to lipstick.


The contestants on the show all seemed very interested in the information about the colours pink and orange that the MC’s had to offer, in every episode they seem to be really into whatever is happening. This is a bit weird to me because although some episodes were great and had useful tips, some I found really boring… kind of like the pink and orange episode. Maybe I’m just not used to it or this genre of entertainment is not quite for me but I don’t think I could be as invested as the contestants featured on the show. It did however remind me of reading magazines like Cleo and Cosmo that give you endless beauty tips, but in a more direct and personable way, thus I do see the appeal.

The contestants and MC’s spent a few minutes discussing whether or not they thought pink or orange looked better on various persons and which colour they personally preferred. What was interesting about this was how thoroughly kpop girl bands and their members were featured throughout the episode and in general. I mean I am used to the idea of celebrity culture but literally every look and comment was compared to a celebrity, all of the contestants sort of seemed to be celebrities too and occasionally there were also celebrity guests.

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  1. Hi I really enjoyed your post! I found this interesting as I enjoy presenting myself well and wearing makeup, however I also do not think I could sit through an entire show based on makeup and which colour lipstick is better orange or pink! Apparently in Korea plastic surgery and this obsession with beauty is saturated in their media- so I am not surprised that they have TV shows dedicated to this detailed form of beauty. My sister studies beauty therapy and her makeup collection is extensive and insane! I look through all her different makeup and I am in disbelief that she can afford to spend that much money on makeup let alone why she has so many shades of the same colour lipstick. I wonder if shows like this would transgress across western culture – I think there are actually women in our society who do care a lot about makeup- maybe we just aren’t those women.


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