Eyelid tape time!

I decided to try a different autoethnographic approach this time. While I am not going to get double lid surgery, I am going to try eye lid tape which gives the illusion of a double eye lid without the procedure. Eye lid tape is an extremely popular product in Asian countries where double lids are uncommon and they are sold in the same section as other cosmetic products such as false lashes.


I obtained the tape from Sydney CBD’s China Town for only a few bucks so it’s super inexpensive. Eye lid tape is double sided, very thin and slightly curved. In order to apply them you must peel the white stripes off of the piece of tape, there are two which are evenly split in the middle. I will be applying them using tweezers as they appear to be pretty small. I am super curious what it feels like to wear them and put them on, and although I already have a double lid it will be interesting to experiment with them to see how I might be able to change my eye shape. Here it goes…


It is harder to put on than I expected, I guess I am not as confident on where my crease lies or maybe it’s because I don’t really need it. The tape, although slightly curved, seemed to be more straight which I suppose is because of eye shape of their targeted consumers, although I didn’t really realize there would be such a dramatic difference. I had to really bend the tape a bit which may have rendered it’s effectiveness a little. The tape has a pretty strong adhesive, I’m not really sure what I expected but they stay on pretty well and it was a little annoying when it made contact with my skin when I didn’t want it to. Once you found the crease properly it just merged in with your eye shape and became a bit more difficult to remove


It made a weird skin line/fold on my eyelid that you could see when I closed my eyes. Now thinking back on one of the Get It Beauty episodes, I remember seeing one of the hosts close her eyes revealing a weird line on it. Originally I thought it might be a scar from eye lid surgery, but now after playing around with the tape I suspect it was that.


It felt like what I expect it would, it is kind of like wearing false lashes in the sense that you can feel a slight weight there, but you get used to it and it’s pretty comfy otherwise. It blended in enough with my skin and was small enough that it was kinda difficult to take off however, once I found an end it was one quick and easy peel. I think like most makeup related products it just takes practice to be good at using it



Even though I do have a double lid already, it really did open up my eyes which I suspect might be part of the appeal of double lids. Double lids make you look like you have wider, brighter eyes and that makes sense to me because that’s what mascara, white eye liners and highlighters are for (clueless people I apologize for the terminology here). It is not just a fascination that some Asian countries have, big eyes is a beauty ideal in many countries around the world including Australia and it took me all this time to realize that we sorta do the same thing, just maybe not as extreme. Which makes me question the whole idea of Westerners constantly accusing some Asian beauty ideals of being racist and aiming for caucasian appearances. If it is a race related ideal for Asians to want bigger wider eyes, what is it for Caucasians?

Compare this…

…to this

While I might not have been that good at placing the tape, I managed to play with it enough that I started changing my eye shape and finding out how this product might benefit me. In short it’s kind of a way to reshape your eyes but with something more natural looking than something like eyeliner which is usually used for that in beauty industries around the world anyway. I find it funny that this far in I can still subconsciously refuse to associate beauty products simply because they are foreign to me.


While eyelid tape is something you have to get used to it’s not uncomfortable, it is cheap, relatively easy to use and much less extreme than surgery. While it isn’t a product that I feel is relevant to me, I can see the appeal of it.


  1. I mentioned this in one of your previous posts but i find it fascinating the way certain cultures perceive beauty and how they can potentially be influenced by the West. I wonder are they doing it because it makes them conform to the idea of beauty in their culture or another culture. It seems maybe a mixture by the examples you used. I also think exploring how Asian cultures may adapt to conform to Western ideas of beauty might be useful.


  2. Your posts are also so interesting. I did not even know this existed until reading your post! Fake eyelashes I understand – but fake eyelids or extra eyelids – that’s just insane! This to me almost feels like a temporary form of plastic surgery. It is completely readjusting the shape of your eyes, however only for a one night or one day occurrence. Eastern culture seem to have a lot more original and interesting ideas for makeup than that of western culture, it’s both inspiring and confronting.


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