Reflection time!

Ok boys and girls it’s that time again, it’s time to reflect on what we have learned this session once again. After all the post and all the research it is time to reflect on what we learned. So what have we learned? Well I have been looking at Dragonball Z and things that surround the Anime culture with this show.  Turns out there was a lot to learn from this culture and show that I never knew existed when I first started to watch the show.

The Auto-ethnographic style of the research has been a new experience for me. I never realised how much one could learn by reflecting on ones experiences and critically analysing the experiences. Take for example the parodies post I did, I never realised that seeing Dragonball Z the story with different dialogue could dramatically change how I remember the show. I think the Parody show is a lot more memorable because of the humour involved rather than the story that is taking place.  It is also crazy to experience Dragonball Z in a subbed format, after being used to the English dubbed voices. Learning that Goku sounds like he does in the Japanese version crushed my inner child. The Goku who was always so manly and so awesome in the English dubbed version now sounded like a timid person.  It is amazing how the change in the voice was all it took to take this larger than life character and destroy the image I had of Goku as a kid.

There is just so much that I have learned from this study and it’s been fun learning about all this stuff. I definitely feel more comfortable with auto-ethnographic studies after completing these blogs.  Also re-watching and re-experiencing the Fights I watched of Dragonball Z brought back memories and feelings I had thought were lost to time. I felt like I was 10 again after re-watching some of the fights in the show and even though my experiences differ from when I was 10, that doesn’t mean they were any less enjoyable.

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