Curtain call

My experience on tumblr within the Sailor Moon fandom and liveblogging the show has been an interesting one. I realised the cultural influences of the show itself as well as how i saw it through my child-like lens. While there are things i find helpful to understand now that I’m older it’s fascinating what i was probably better off being ignorant to as a child and also i wonder how my perceptions of international and ‘foreign’ cultures was shaped so that i now see this differently. Is it my memory to blame or societal stereotyping?

The Liveblogging experience and my thoughts

As I loaded up the computer screen to watch Sailor Moon Crystal live, I couldn’t help but compare it to the last time I’d watched Sailor Moon. It was when I was a child and I would sit in front of the TV in the spare room with my brother as he would yap on about how he wanted Pokemon on already.

Other than the difference of the device I was using there are many differences to what I remember.

I remember loving Sailor Moon for their outfits and the cool wand thing and her head piece. There was magic in it and it sparked excitement in me.

As I begin watching the new one, I have a sense of nostalgia and the little kid in me jumps up and down with excitement. Apart from much better graphics and different storylines, I realise that I probably didn’t fully understand the cartoon when I was younger. This is also based off an observation from participating in the fandom itself by following people, blogging and mostly reblogging things from the show. A lot of the stuff I probably didn’t understand just makes me love it more now. I find her relatable in the things she says like

While I’m blogging I find myself drawn to the old vs the new comparisons. My memory can be a bit fuzzy but I find myself remembering certain characters and storylines. The thing I remember most is the feeling it gives me, this inner excitement that comes back to me like I’m 7 again.

My main finding and the thing that keeps going through my head is I never thought it was in a different language despite the captioning and the language difference. It’s weird that something like a cultural difference never occurred to me as a child and I wonder if that’s something that is engrained in us as we get older. I wonder, do societal expectations and stereotypes as well as ‘othering’ affect our perceptions of foreign content?

One of my favourite findings is a multifandom crossover and i like that this happens, this appropriation of the culture and the show with other fandoms. My original tumblr is Pretty Little Liars and someone put them in Sailor Moon costumes. I have never been so excited to see a childhood show and a recent show that i love crossover.

The experience of liveblogging and seeing what other people have to say, i feel that some of it i was a bit foreign to, the anime lingo and things of that nature. I did find comfort in the posts that were about what people remember from the old version. I think being integrated into the fandom is hard when you aren’t as invested in the culture as others are but nonetheless it’s an eye opening experience as it exposes you to a different world and with people you would otherwise not interact with.

I am now invested in watching Sailor Moon Crystal and a part of me will always hold a special place for the original show as it’s a part of a time when we were innocent and free and not clouded by stereotypes and expectations. I like thinking back to when things were simpler and maybe that’s why these shows are so dear to many people, no matter their origin, they were a part of a time when everything was fun and playful.


  1. I really enjoyed reading your post this week Kristy and although I did not watch Sailor Moon on a regular basis, one of my best friends at school was absolutely in love with Sailor Moon and every time I went over her house we would HAVE to watch at least one episode!

    I too was so surprised when I started watching the video that you posted that Sailor Moon wasn’t actually in English and that there was actually always captioning or English dubbing on the versions that we all would have watched when we were younger. I think you ask a very interesting question when you asked if it was societal expectations and stereotypes that have been engrained in us as we get older. I actually do not have a definite answer for you but I really think that as we get older and our perceptions of the “other” begin to form, we definitely become aware of more things that we may have never noticed before.

    I think at times we often are so influenced by society, stereotypes and other people’s perceptions that they begin to form something that we think is ‘normal’ however when we start to really analyse this and even just think about our feelings from when we were younger it is definitely very, very different!

    Thanks for your post this week!


  2. I really found the idea of the different meanings you draw from this text as you age interesting. How long had it been since you have watched the show previously? As the meanings of the show have evidently shifted since you have aged and become more aware of the more subtle stories and jokes, do you suspect increased familiarity with the context of the series could again enhance your understanding? Such as if you were to live in Japan for a few years and return to Australia later and look back on what you wrote in this post.


  3. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and learning a little more about Sailor Moon!
    The video is really interesting! I’m not entirely sure if we miss things as kid or if things like that just aren’t important to us! Watching it now though, I’m very critical of the language and dubbing!
    There are so many interesting questions to be asked when we revisit our old childhood favourites, I’ve recently watched an old favourite T.V show of mine and found it cringeworthy and terrible!
    Did you find yourself having any of those experiences? Or are they mostly positive?


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