WEEK TEN: Checking out!

For my final post, I will update you all on my progression through answering some of Sheridan’s (2014) auto ethnographic prompts. As the past few weeks have been very research based, it is time to reflect on this research and find a way to convey the content in way that is easy to understand, enjoyable to read and aesthetically pleasing! As I have established, my choice of platform is Tumblr, which to begin with was fantastic and very easy to navigate. Though now comes the time when I must produce my own posts and this is proving more difficult than I expected.

What were some of the key activities, conversations, or internal thoughts that I experienced while completing this research?

For me, interviewing my friend Kiki and also having hands-on experience at both my internship and in the luxury fashion vicinity of Sydney, was a highlight in my learning experience. These both enabled me to think outside the box with my research and helped me to gain a  different perspective to that which is online. I feel as though being able to speak to someone who is in the same age bracket yet from a different culture than myself was very interesting and gave me much to base my understanding of Chinese spending habits and the meaning associated with luxury products. Kiki also made me feel invigorated about my research as she found it interesting herself.

What did I learn from this experience? What was inspiring about this project and what was good about this experience? 

Reflecting upon this experience, I have gained a lot from it through my research and also efforts to conquer a new social networking platform. I have found that I thoroughly enjoy Tumblr for the purpose of gaining ‘purchase inspiration.’ Not only is it fantastic for this but to find a vast and specific collection of images. I enjoy the fluidity of re-blogging, which has helped me to build up a foundation of images that explore luxury fashion items and their prevalence on popular fashion blogs. Though whether I can gain any views, likes or re-blogs will prove interesting. I have taken some images similar to those online and will be posting them over the next few weeks to observe their readership. I will tag the ‘luxury’ items and tag the ‘high street’ items and see which gain the most likes and will also post some graphs on my Tumblr.

I have also gained considerable knowledge on the difference between Australian and Chinese consumer behaviour. It was interesting to discover why such behaviour was more prevalent in one community than in another. In saying this, the information I was able to gather is merely a fragment of the mass of information available, though it is my experience in gaining this information which is most valuable.

What would I like to change and why?

I feel as though I am very happy with the amount of research performed and the methodologies I chose to utilize in order to get understand my topic. I am not exceedingly satisfied with my choice of artifact as it is proving to be far more difficult than I anticipated. Though I can not change this now, I am also glad to have had such exposure to a new media platform. I am now better aware of what Tumblr is mostly useful and how it can assist me in other ways in the future.

If anyone would like to keep track of my progress over the next few weeks, here is the link to my Tumblr, https://www.tumblr.com/blog/blingblogging

Thank you to everyone who read my posts and to those who commented! I have had a very positive experience progressively blogging each week and I wish everyone the best of luck with their assignments, and I hope you enjoy mine!

au revoir_heart



Sheridan R 2014, “Autoethnography: Researcher as Participant” in Teaching for Success, vol. 21, no. 1 at http://www.academia.edu/4104754/Autoethnography_Researcher_as_Participant, accessed on 10th September 2014

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