Individual Artifact Structure (another cool title)

I’m not sure how this will differ from the method but I’ll try.

I attempted to upload one autoethnography video each week but because I’ve my schedule, that’s I’m unlikely to keep to that structure. I will try keep to it as best as I can but for now, I am aiming to have six videos completed. I’ve already uploaded two so if I can do anymore then six, I will try. But I think six is probably a good number to aim towards.

The games I will record haven’t been finalised yet but so far, I have picked each game for one reason or another:

Shadow of the Colossus – Trial video, to give a basic idea of what the rest of the videos will be like. Also because I thought trying to unpackage if it was an RPG or not would be an interesting concept to grasp as a lot of my favourite Asian games are RPGs

Final Fantasy VII – As well as being my favourite game, I wanted to do an autoethnographic analysis of a game I knew I liked and had a prepared reason for why I liked it.

Final Fantasy XIII – A contrast with the FFVII video. It’s often considered one of the worst games in the FF titles in the series but I’m quite fond of it. I want to do this video to challenge these claims or possibly challenge my own thoughts about the game.

Silent Hill 2 – I’ve never played Silent Hill 2 before so I think I’ll be able to give an autoethnographic look at my thoughts of it that aren’t influenced by any other biases. Because it’s a horror game, I’ll be able to give my thoughts based purely on my emotions towards my immediate experience.

Deadly Premonition – While it’s known as a cult classic game, it’s also know for it’s incredibly buggy and janky gameplay. I will look at whether this outweighs the enjoyment of the wackiness that is Deadly Premonition

Wonderful 101 – I wanted to do at least one game from one of my favourite developers, Hideki Kamiya. I thought it would be interesting to go back and look at how he has made a reputation among fans as an innovator of video games.

After some advice from Chris, I will try to make my videos more of a pure autoethnographic analysis. I will also try to look deeper at the impacts these games have had in terms of a historical context not only for myself, but for the video game industry.

If you want to check it out, here is the latest video, Final Fantasy VII: Why is it the best?

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