Wrap up

Throughout this assignment, I have learnt about Asian digital culture and more specifically Japanese anime films and its culture, through my own research and the research of my classmates. Being able to read everyone else’s blog posts and research has helped me to be able to figure out what I wanted to research and the different ways to look at Asian digital cultures. I don’t think I will continue to specifically look for new anime shows to watch or keep up with online fandoms, but I feel that I have a greater appreciation for it, as its own media channel, being different from regular cartoons.
Completing this assignment with an auto ethnographic approach also made things a lot more interesting. Being made to look at our research from a different perspective, and having to write about it like this brought on a whole other side to the research. If I had to do it again, I may have chosen a different topic to base my study. Although I found anime great to research and learn about, I now feel like I could have looked deeper into the digital cultures of Asia, and chosen something not so obvious. At the time I thought it was best for me as I knew nothing about digital Asia, and it probably was a good idea at the time, but after studying this I think I could look further into digital cultures of Asia.
My reactions and feelings towards anime films have changed dramatically since we first began this subject. I feel much more educated and informed.
Overall I think the blog posts did help with the assignment, as you were trying to research something knew each write that you could write about, as well as it was keeping track of your assignment as it you researching, figuring out your methodology and carrying it out.

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