So Far, So Good

This week I decided to begin working on a short video that I would upload to YouTube and then link to my Prezi presentation. With this video, I really wanted to showcase what I believe to be some of the more interesting and exciting parts of the whole J-metal genre, and present to you why they have captured the attention of millions of metal and music enthusiasts across the world.

For my video, I wanted to take some of the elements of my favourite J-Metal songs and present them in a mashup YouTube clip, and so I decided to take sections from the songs – ‘Gimme Chocolate’ by Babymetal, ‘予襲復讐‘ by Maximum the Hormone (which, when put into Google Translate, becomes ‘I Hit Revenge’ in English), ‘え・い・り・あ・ん‘, another track by Maximum the Hormone, and ‘Monolith’ by Crossfaith.

You can view the video here:

So far I’m happy with the research that I’m uncovering and I feel that I’m successfully learning more about metal culture, Japanese culture, and of course, the two combined. As a metal music fan familiar with all the different (and widely argued) styles of metal, I found it really interesting to see how these groups were challenging the conventional metal ideas to create their own blends of metal, or as is in the case of Babymetal, ‘kawaii’ metal.

Conducting this research has also led me outside the genres of heavy music and I’ve been able to discover other bands such as Man With a Mission, mentioned in the post above. This has really helped to expand my own musical knowledge and perspectives, as the the experimental ideas these bands are producing is limitless. I look forward to exploring more of these genres on my own time, and perhaps even finding a new favourite band or two. I can’t deny that Babymetal’s songs will probably be on repeat in my head for a while…

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