Define anime in your own words

As I am working with my family for my study, and am going to try and understand their experiences with anime, and compare them to my own. I wanted to ask them a few questions before they sat down to watch the films. The first question I thought of was “Define anime, in your own words.” I wanted to get a better understanding of what they thought anime was and how they saw it. I asked my sister, brother, mum and dad. My sister said “I don’t know, weird Japanese cartoons”. My brother said “Japanese animations.” My mum and dad said “what?” I had to explain to them what it was before they both realized what I was talking about.
This got me thinking about people who do not understand what anime is. As I was sort of one of those people, I wanted to know why we didn’t know much about it. I had watched quite a lot as a child, getting up at 6am on the weekends to watch Pokemon, Digimon or Dragon Ball Z, but I had never actually worked out that it was a whole separate media form to other animations that I enjoyed. It was only when I went to high school and started to study Japanese as a language. Our teacher loved anime movies and showed one to the class every so often. We even went to a small cinema in the city to watch Howl’s Moving Castle. I really enjoyed that movie, and even though it was spoken in Japanese, the subtitles were in English, and by the end of the movie I hadn’t even noticed if I was understanding the Japanese or reading the subtitles without knowing. Probably reading, but I would like to think I learnt some Japanese.
Although I had experienced all of this anime throughout my life, it wasn’t until I started studying DIGC330 to when I really realized the entirety of the culture. I think this would be the case for a lot of people, as Japanese anime and it’s culture is not thrust upon most people.

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  1. It is definitely possible to engage in a culture without realising it. I was interested in reading a bit more about the questions you asked your family, but the direction of the blog lost itself a bit. In my studies I also discovered some defining features of anime, as well as outlining ways to identify if an animation is anime or a cartoon. Knowing these facts, it is interesting to see how people who do not identify with anime understand their differences. I know I could identify anime through the design of the eyes, but since I undertook that study, i realise there are many more ways to compare the two.


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