Asia’s Got Talent

Have you ever watched a talent show? You know the type – X factor and such that promote obscure talent from around the country that you never could have seen otherwise – it’s so cringeworthy, and yet amazing at the same time. Of course, these types of shows exist all around the world, we all know that X factor originated in the UK, and was exported here in Australia among other nations – among other shows such as Britain’s Got Talent and the like.

Although I knew this process had occurred, I was never aware that these types of shows existed in Asian countries – a very silly stereotype that I can abolish now that I have looked into the topic!

After researching talent shows around the world, the most prominent Asian version I found was titled simply ‘Asia’s Got Talent’. This show is exported around the world by Fremantle Media into a variety of both Asian and Western countries.

This is just one of many examples of the way that Western ideals in the form of television programs can be exported. ‘Asia’s Got Talent’ is just one of the many examples of how these programs have been culturally appropriated.

I found this rather interesting to research due to the high interest I have in these talent shows here in Australia. I watch X factor almost every week, and it was intriguing to discover the different ways in which this genre of program is displayed around the world.

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