Man With a Mission – The Wolves Taking Over the Rock World

This week I set out to further research the global reactions to bands like Babymetal and Maximum the Hormone, and interestingly enough, I stumbled upon a band called Man With a Mission, aptly named ‘Japan’s Biggest Werewolf Nu-metal Band’ by

From an autoethnographic point of view, this peaked my attention quite a bit, and it seems that Man With a Mission have gone above and beyond to capitalise on the attention J-Metal has been receiving, with the members of the band all wearing furry wolf-heads on stage, in public and in interviews, claiming that they are wolf-headed humans bioengineered by Jimi Hendrix.

Man With a Mission represents a new age in band performance. With so much emphasis on creating the best live show possible these days, Man With a Mission are making sure the world takes notice of them and their message, which just so happens to be about partying.

While they might not exactly be following the metal trend, they do represent the new wave through their electronic rock and grunge, creating their own style from a combination of others. In their video for ‘Fly Again’ you can see the guys donning their famous wolf-heads as they perform the song.

What I learnt this week from Man With a Mission is that when it comes to the Asian musical culture, no idea is too whacky or too out there not to try out, and with the band receiving world wide attention for their music and performance, it’s clearly a style that is working positively for them. Maybe I’ll try and create my own costume for the next time I’m on stage…

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