I Hunted Some Monsters

I’ve given in. It’s happened. I’ve finally played Monster Hunter.

Now that I have firmly decided on a topic, I can see no other reasonable excuse as to why I have not played this game already. As expected, I found it very average. While I am still working a few things out in my mind, I feel that I am slowly reaching closer to a conclusion as to why this game may be as huge as it is in Japan.

Monster Hunter starts out by throwing you into the deep end. I’m a member of a small village run by people with annoyingly large heads, I must speak to them, and then I must fight monsters. There is of course other elements to it, such as an inventory system that I do not at all understand, but that’s just the gist of it. Getting straight into my “research” I decided I wanted to try and fight a monster as quickly as I possibly could – seeing as that’s the aim of the game, right? Well I couldn’t, turns out I should have read the tediously large amount of dialogue because I did not know at all what was going on. It took me at least an hour to find a dinosaur to fight and I died instantly. I stopped playing shortly after.

While shown, the depth of my research was very shallow from a gameplay point-of-view, but this is only because I found out all I need to know: I do not find this world engaging. My initial idea of Monster Hunter was a challenging and unforgiving world where you and only you can fight your way to victory, this is probably because I try and make every game become Dark Souls. Rather, Monster Hunter is an eccentric but still challenging quest game to play with your friends. I understand I sound like a total killjoy saying this, but I just don’t engage with much over-the-top and whacky style, however in Japan this style of media excels (for instance every anime I have ever seen). While it would be very presumptuous of me to say that only the Japanese like this style of game, I rather think it is another strong contributing factor to its success, much like the marketing approach explored a few weeks back.

One comment

  1. I’ve also noticed that every game I play now, I try to liken it to Dark Souls even if the only similarity is that they are action games. This was the case when I recently played Kingdom Hearts again. I think it goes to show that difficulty is not the only interesting feature of Japanese action games. From the sounds of it, the setting of Monster Hunter isn’t as endearing as Dark Souls. This almost proves that a game cant just look nice or have good gameplay to be perfect, it has to be a combination of the two.


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