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In order to carry out my research about my family’s personal experiences with anime, I will need to choose 2 possible anime films in which they can watch. I will ask the participants a few questions before they watch the films and then again after, to ultimately gage any differences in perspective or feelings.
The films I will be looking at will be Spirited Away and Akira. I chose these 2 films as they are quite different but also have similarities. As there will be 5 participants in my study, I am expecting that their answers and experiences will be different and varied. I am curious to see the final results to see if anyone will have a similar experience to mine.
Originally, I thought about letting the participants sit down and watch specific parts of the anime films I selected, separately, and after they watched it I would record them talking about their experiences. I was then going to write a short paragraph about each certain video regarding my feelings and experiences in relation to theirs. I decided to change this to a simpler and more effective method, and to turn my findings into a report. This would allow me to compile all of my results altogether and be able to view them altogether.
I read an article online when I was researching, about someone else’s experience with anime. I wanted to read it to understand how other people had experienced anime, as I understand that everyone’s experiences would be different. Some people may have grown up with it and think of it as the norm, whereas some people could be on the complete opposite end of the scale and may have never even heard of it.

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  1. You have some interesting points here. I think your idea is a good idea, it would be interesting to interview them before and after they have watched it to see what they thought it would be and how it lived up to their expectations and constructions of what anime actually is.
    Looking forward to hearing more!


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